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SHADA Hospitality Celebrates the Launch of SHADA Executive Hotel in Jeddah

Shada Hospitality has celebrated the inauguration of its latest hotel, Shada Executive Al Salama, in Jeddah city. The new hotel comes to reiterate Shada’s strategy to expand and present remarkable hospitality services in Saudi Arabia.

The new hotel features 88 hotel rooms and specializes in being a destination that caters to both youth and businessmen. It offers entrepreneurs a comfortable and economical combined with modernity and an unmatched hotel experience.

Commenting on the inauguration, Shada’s CEO Mrs. Reem Garash stated that the new hotel reflects Shada’s commitment to extend its impact within the local hospitality sector through spreading into more regions throughout Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, Garrash praised the competent national talents that contributed to developing this unique hotel with its innovative design that represents a new experience within the 3 or 4-stars-rated hospitality service categories.

Shada Executive Al Salama boasts smart, spacious areas and state-of-the-art services to ensure presenting the best experience for guests, especially in terms of food, health and leisure services, in addition to spaces dedicated for business. These include a spacious restaurant, a home theatre, a health club, a games room, a shared business space, and a terrace overlooking the city. The hotel provides a range of other services and facilities through special offer bundles.

The hotel’s design concept is inspired by various shades of marine blue, giving it a distinctive modern style. The hotel's aesthetics and innovative designs were implemented through cooperation with 12 Saudi artists in different details and dimensions of the place, across several aspects, including: Music, furniture design, accessories and wall art. This reflects Shada’s diligence to ensure that the guest is comfortable and that his senses are satisfied in a hotel featuring authentic art derived from the Southern heritage.

Furthermore, Shada currently ownsand operates 3 hotels, in addition to several other properties, and has 8 new properties in the pipeline to be completed over the next two years in several regions across the Kingdom.

Shada’s strategy takes into account its commitment towards the Kingdom’s cultural heritage while maintaining world-class standards. This is represented through its various products across three brands, each marked with a distinctive identity. Shada Suites is associated with the color red, which represents family, care and comfort, Shada Executive Suites is associated with marine colors that express social life, energy and creativity, while Shada Hotels blends shades of greens to reflect vitality and cordiality. All these offerings were developed in collaboration with a specialized team of highly qualified professionals in the hospitality sector.


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